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valerie solanas’ amazing dedication to herself in up your ass, 1965.

we may never touch queerness, but we can feel it as the warm illumination of a horizon imbued with potentiality….the future is queerness’ domain. queerness is a structuring and educated mode of desiring that allows us to see the future beyond the quagmire of the present….we must dream and enact new and better pleasures, other ways of being in the world, and ultimately new worlds….queerness is essentially about the rejection of a here and now and an insistence on potentiality or concrete possibility for another world.

josé esteban muñoz, ultimate dreamer, 1967-2013, in cruising utopia (via karaj)

"Art is Not Enough," Gran Fury, 1988

the last thing i said to you is don’t leave me here, tracey emin, 2000
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More important than the freedom to choose is what choices are actually made available.


Don’t you love summer mornings? (Well, when it’s not raining or 100+ degrees out!) Check out this #TBT poster Greeting the Dawn by artist William Low, who captures the perfect and beautiful summer sunrise light in Queens.
Image: William Low, Greeting the Dawn, 2007.

White people get really mad when you make assessments about their entire culture based on the actions of a minority. How can we expect race relations in America to progress when so many whites have this kind of chip on their shoulder?

In what one longtime activist called the largest rally in the history of the local black LGBT community, about 50 people gathered in a South Dallas parking lot on Saturday morning to voice their objections to City Councilwoman Vonciel Hill’s anti-gay comments last week concerning an HIV prevention billboard.

The billboard, part of the Greater Than AIDS campaign, features a black man with his arms around another black man and says, “UPDATE YOUR STATUS.”

Hill, who is African-American and virulently anti-gay, told a TV news station that she objected to the billboard in her district because she believes it sends the message that homosexuality is “acceptable.”

Saturday’s rally, which had as its theme a hashtag, #RevLOVE, was held under temporary awnings erected in the parking lot of Abounding Prosperity, an HIV/AIDS agency in the heart of South Dallas at Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and SM Wright Freeway. Harold Steward, who organized the rally, explained to those who braved 90-degree heat that the hashtag #RevLOVE is based on a line from pioneering gay black activist Joseph Beam’s book, In The Life.

“Black men loving black men is the revolutionary act,” Beam wrote.

“We have been here before,” Steward told the crowd. “If we have to we will plaster our faces and lives and our loves on every billboard in America. We will love in this revolutionary way until our haters catch up with our history.”

Alpha Thomas, a longtime African-American lesbian activist, said she was attending the rally to support her black gay brothers.

“We will not be silent or invisible while AIDS continues to ravage and devastate our community,” Thomas told the crowd. “Black gay men have always been and always will be part of Dallas.”

John Wright, “Vonciel Hill Sparks Largest Rally Ever In Dallas’ Black LBGT Community,” (via racialicious)

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Frank Fournier, “[Homophobic Protest]” (1988), photographic print via “Five Years When Silence Equaled Death”
Action shot from my thesis presentation last night.
I just turned in my thesis. It’s the end of an era.
Come hear me talk about Gran Fury and performing radical vulnerability!

And learn about trans* YouTubers and the uncanny (Liza), and  about how  post-modern dancers appropriated voguing (Ali), and about how Grindr is a homonormative tool used to erase POCs and fat bodies (Kellie).

Bring your friends! Bring your dog! Bring your grandma!

It’ll be great all around. I promise.